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Single canvas

Print one of your photos on a single canvas. From square to extreme panoramic format, according to your available space, Monsieur Canvas offers you different sizes for you to choose from: from the smallest canvases to the biggest ones.

Your picture will be printed on a 100% cotton canvas, and stretched by hand over a natural wooden frame. Through our meticulous craftsmanship, we guarantee an authentic, high-quality and unique finishing.


Select your most beautiful photo and turn it into an ultra-trendy decorative item: a double. A double is an image formed by combining two canvases, arranged side by side or one above the other.

Monsieur Canvas offers several diptych sizes and proportions.


A triple is the best option to elegantly display wide pictures on your wall. Imagine your most beautiful shot spread over three canvases, decorating your wall in a sophisticated manner.

Monsieur Canvas provides a large choice of canvas sizes and proportions.


A quadruple is the symbiosis of four canvases. This unprecedented and original arrangement will give more depth to your picture.

All proportions are available in four different sizes.

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